Introduction About Peter Alkema


Introduction About Peter Alkema

When it comes to building credibility, people want to know about you.

We, as humans tend to trust people once we know about them. Hence, I decided to talk about myself in the second podcast episode – and here I am.

My name is Peter Alkema, I live in Johannesburg South Africa with my wife 5 children, a dog, and a cat.

I work in digital transformation for a large bank and in 2020 I finished a Ph.D. Instead of doing another Ph.D. (which I did seriously consider), I thought I would put my time into helping other students be successful on their journey.

My undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering.

I always loved taking things apart and I remember going to an open day at the local university and hearing the engineering lecturers talk about what we would study.

After completing my engineering bachelor’s degree I carried on with my masters straight away as I went into full-time employment.

About My Ph.D.

I started my Ph.D. 4 years ago part-time and finished that in 2020.

After I finished my Ph.D. I thought I would package everything that I know and make it available to students, just like myself – everything I wished I had, I have made available through The Student Success Coach – courses, coaching, and community!

So in this episode I give you a bit of my background as a student and as a professional, I hope establishes some credibility and trust with me – I’m a real person that genuinely wants to help you!

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Now, I would like to invite you to my social media platforms. If you like this episode, please do subscribe and stay tuned for more content. I want to empower youth by providing them with the right material. Most of my content is absolutely free and requires no subscription at all.

For those who are looking for in-depth information about each topic, you can visit my Udemy profile. I have a range of courses designed for students and professionals to improve their careers. I am continuously adding more courses to help you.

If you have any thoughts about the second episode, please share your valuable thought in the comments. Thank you.

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