How to Get Your Proposal Approved – Free Checklist


How to Get Your Proposal Approved – Free Checklist

Checklist for Your Proposal or Thesis

Here is a short checklist for your proposal, you can check the link below to download the complete checklist. To learn how to use this checklist effectively, you can get my course.


The section should include background information, the problem you are going to address, a clear thesis statement, make a case for the significance of your work, limitations of your work, etc.

Literature Review

Explain the score and organization of your review. Apart from providing the theory base of your work, add the group works in logical categories.

Moreover, is your literature review a dispassionate appraisal of the work?


Share possible research designs and discuss your design as well. Make sure you clearly state how you are going to investigate your topic. Discuss your research instrument in detail. Don’t be shy to justify how you intend to analyze the data. Most importantly, talk about the limitations and consequences of your method.

Get the detailed checklist here in the description of my video

The Body

Put the data in a logical order and divide it into various chapters, sections, etc. Make sure your arguments relate to the point. Your sub conclusions should relate back to the problem statement. Present your graphs and tables clearly. They should be to the point and discussed in text.

The Conclusion

Include a summary of findings. Your conclusions should be easily deducted from the body of your work. Present a section with suggestions for future research and make sure your recommendations are practical.

Want to know more about how to get your proposal accepted? Do you want to how to apply the checklist to come up with an excellent proposal? HERE IS MY COURSE FOR YOU. I have explained and share my personal experienced regarding how to finish your research proposal and get your research approved.

Things You Will Learn in the Course

  • What to include in your proposal and presentation so you get your research study approved
  • Make actual progress on your own proposal by working through the assignments after each lesson
  • Position yourself more effectively for the rest of your degree by putting more effort into your proposal
  • The importance of lots of background reading and how that helps you confirm what you want to investigate
  • Walk through my proposal and see the application of what you have learned in the lessons with a real example
  • A proposal requires you to answer 3 questions: what are you going to study, why and how
  • A whiteboard lesson will teach you 80% of what needs to go into a proposal
  • A thesis statement is like a North Star for your study and the better your’s is, the more successful you will be
  • Present your proposal and how to create effective PowerPoint slides to support your presentation
  • Read as much as you can about your topic to get a sense of all the different views and issues in that particular field
  • Make notes about what you are reading and what issues you uncover that are interesting
  • You may also need to include a timeline for your study as well as funding information and ethics clearance if required
  • Explain to your readers exactly what you are going to do in your study; background, what problem will it solve, what contribution
  • Define some key concepts and definitions, especially terms that come up frequently in the area of your research
  • A thesis statement which clearly identifies what you are going to study and how that research will address the problem identified
  • What’s the significance of your research; if you need to apply for funding then this will be critical
  • You must orientate your research in academic work and show that there is a gap in the literature which you will address
  • Your method describes the route you will take through your study to get it done, the techniques you will use
  • Describe what instruments you will use as well as any ethical considerations that need to be incorporated in your study
  • Your proposal is like a contract; you have written down what you are going to do, your institution commits to supporting you
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