No Money to Study? Apply For a Bursary in South Africa


No Money to Study? Apply For a Bursary in South Africa

When it comes to obtaining a university degree, you need a lot of money. People often abandon or postpone their education due to a lack of money. However, there are other ways to obtain funds to continue your education.

If you are living in South Africa, you can apply for a bursary. If you apply perfectly, you will be able to receive enough funds to finish your degree. Regardless of your degree, you can always apply for a bursary in South Africa.

Apply For a Bursary in South Africa [Video]

In this video, I have talked about how to apply for a bursary. Moreover, I have explained the available bursaries in South Africa. With all the resources in your hand, all you have to do is to choose the company you want to work for and apply.

If you are confused about how to apply, you should get my course. In the course, I have talked about how to accelerate your career growth. More importantly, you will learn how to improve your job prospects.

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On my YouTube channel, I constantly upload webinars. I invite top leaders of different fields and share their stories. They share information and tips regarding how to achieve your goals.

Apart from webinars, I also offer informative content for students. If you are having a difficult time completing your assignments, you need to watch my content. I explain how to manage your day to stay on track.

About the Course

In the course, “Improve Your Job Prospects and Accelerate your Career Growth,” I have talked about interview techniques, CV creation, time management, etc.

  • Interview techniques that earn trust, build credibility, and get you the job you want
  • LinkedIn for professional networking and Novoresume for CV creation
  • Time management, goal setting, and getting more done in your 24 hours
  • How to get ahead and build long term success in the workplace
  • Write a CV that stands out and positions you better than the rest
  • Personal branding for work and the use of LinkedIn for professional networking
  • Communication skills at work, managing conflict, and navigating the workplace
  • Career progression and how to get the next promotion


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