How We Gave Away 3 Laptops #FridayWebinar

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How We Gave Away 3 Laptops #FridayWebinar

We have a vibrant student community in the Student Success Coach Facebook group. Students encourage each other, burn their boats when they need to get focused and often ask for help. We recently responded with some incredible help from an anonymous donor and gave 3 of our deserving students brand new laptops! Read more about exactly what happened and if you would like to join our group please do so by clicking here

One of our coaches, Tracey Ashington got in touch to say that someone had offered to donate a single laptop to a deserving student. We posted about this kind offer in the group and offered everyone to comment on the post with why they felt they deserved it. The 3 comments with the most reactions would be our finalists and Tracey would determine the winner from these 3 in our next live webinar.

Our students showed that not only would the laptop benefit them, but they would pay it forward in helping others: “I love helping grade 12 learnerss who are unprivileged like I am to apply in different Universities and colleges during their final years. And having this laptop will allow me to work best on that.” – Nesane Elelwani

In the webinar I was coaching our student community on how to be successful with research proposals and planned to bring Tracey into studio towards the end so she could announce the winner. When she came online she surprised us all by saying that our anonymous donor had now increased the generous offer to 3 laptops, which meant that all 3 finalists would benefit.

You can see exactly what happened in this highlights video, plus you can see the motivations that each of the finalists provided. Amazingly they not only walked away with laptops each, we were also able to provide each of them with a printer, speakers, mouse, backpack, external drive and much more. It’s incredible what you can achieve in a community that is focused on helping people be successful.

Tracey and I are deeply grateful to our anonymous donor for helping our students make their dreams come true. 

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