How to Become a Better Business Presenter


How to Become a Better Business Presenter

Presentations play a vital role in success. How you present your proposal, projections or any other things defines the chances of your success.

Depending on the meeting type, you need to present efficiently. Most importantly, you should look confident.

PowerPoint and De-clutter

Without PowerPoint, you can’t come up with quality slides. In my course, I have taught about how to design slides. Moreover, I explained some basic principles of how to use colors, images, etc.

Most importantly, you should never put too much information in one slide. Putting too much information can confuse your audience. Make sure that you use minimum content to explain your narrative.

 Actual Delivery

Now, you have some confidence after building quality slides and content to present in front of the audience. The next step is to deliver your presentation effectively. In my course, I have shared how to deliver in virtual meetings and In-person meetings. s

Avoid saying “can you hear me” or “can you see the slides.” It leaves a negative impact on your audience. Sitting positions also impact your delivery. I have shared these principles in my detailed course.

Executive Summary

What if a meeting attendee asks you to stop the slides and explain what you want to say? If you haven’t thought about the message you want to deliver from an executive point of view, you will panic.

Hence, it is important to prepare a summary. Come up with five or six bullet points that you share with the audience if you can’t show your slides due to any reason.

In the course “Beginners Guide To Business Presentations And Powerpoint,” I have explained the steps you need to follow to become a better presenter. Are you confused about how to make a better slide? Well, this course is certainly for you. Here are some other things you will learn in the course.

Things You Can Learn In The Course

  • Principles of slide composition and design using palettes and templates for maximum visual impact
  • Why Amazon has banned PowerPoint and the importance of a clear and concise narrative for each slide
  • Presenting using virtual meeting platforms like Teams and how you can use collaboration features while presenting
  • Why you shouldn’t use animations or transitions and how they distract from your content
  • How pictures and diagrams can be misinterpreted and how to avoid that in your presentations
  • Presenting in a physical setting and how to maximise your impact by understanding the room setting
  • The importance of a well prepared executive summary and how it supports your preparation
  • Getting started in Powerpoint using key features to build and layout different elements such as shapes, tables, charts
  • How to deal with people who are busy on their phones or laptops while you are presenting
  • How to avoid cluttering a slide with too much detail and how to keep the number of slides down
  • Why Mark Twain was thinking about PowerPoint slides when he said “I was going to write you a short letter but I didn’t have time, so I wrote you a long letter”
  • Different presentation settings and reasons for presentations and why that matters for your slides
  • How to maximise a public presentation by understanding the room and engaging your audience
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