How “Mindset Change” Can Transform You?


How “Mindset Change” Can Transform You?

In this podcast, I, Peter Alkema have interviewed Kribashnee Moodley. I have asked a range of questions related to her student and family life.

She provided advice to part-time students who are studying and trying to reach their goals. She emphasized the importance of having a plan.

Kribashnee has gone through a personal transformation as a student. She credits this to the “mindset change” she experienced by being exposed to an academic world and then applying those learnings as quickly as possible in her business role. She is studying at a postgraduate level and shares her academic journey with us and the tips she used to get through.

“My son was in the hospital during my first year. I still completed my studies,”

said Kribashnee Moodley. Motivating, right?

How Kribashnee Moodley Managed to Get Support?

She contacted upfront with family and people that could support her so she didn’t feel bad when she had to close her study door and get some work done. Contracting with herself meant that she gave herself emotional space and time to succeed without being her own critic.

She talks candidly about the importance of getting your mindset right and being kind to yourself if you are studying part-time and balancing other priorities such as a family and a job.

Reward Yourself

Kribashnee Moodley rewarded herself with “something special” after each year of study as well as when she completed her degree which was an incentive to keep going.

Even in the tough times like when her son was unwell during her first year she managed to push through and get her assignment completed. This is all about in tune with the journey that you are on as a student.

As a part-time student, Kribashnee Moodley was able to apply her learnings “in real-time.”

She didn’t have to wait till she got her degree to make a contribution back to her organization and the people around her. This has made her a lifelong learner and she has now signed up for a master’s degree in business leadership and is excited about the next level of growth and contribution she can make to the world.

Let’s hear the complete podcast and don’t be shy to share your thoughts:

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