How to Start Writing and Maintain Momentum?


How to Start Writing and Maintain Momentum?

In my webinars, I have noticed that students are under a lot of pressure. They have deadlines coming and have a lot of writing to do. Students often ask me how I managed my writings during the PhD.

With not enough time to do quality writing, it is obvious to come under pressure. However, I have learned some techniques that helped me complete my PhD easily.

So, how to start writing, continue writing and maintain momentum? Here are few things that will help you succeed at writing.

Time Management is the Key

What I suggest to students is to learn time management. Time management is extremely important as you only have 24 hours each. You have to manage your time perfectly to finish your tasks.

Commit to Somebody

Apart from time management, it is important to commit in front of an audience. It is not uncommon to have a plan B. Students often delay writing as they think they have another plan.

Here, it is important to commit in front of an audience. The audience could be your friends, your classmates, or even your teacher. It will force you to continue writing to fulfill the commitment.

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Commit Number of Words Each Day

Here is the key to momentum.

When you write a random number of words each without any plan, you can’t achieve the momentum.

In order to get the pace, you have to make a plan and commit to it. Make sure that you fulfill your commitment and write enough words each day.

While deciding the number of words for each day, you should consider the time and total words.

Either you are doing PhD, masters or any other degree, you need to write a lot. My suggestion for better writing is:

  • Write Early
  • Write Often
  • Write Well

Don’t wait for the deadline to come. Start writing as soon as you get the assignment or thesis. It will give you more time to finish your writing, get feedback and review it.


Following these tips will help you complete your thesis and other writing assignments.

In my Student Q&A sessions, I try my best to answer frequently asked questions. If you also have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment.

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