How to Check Plagiarism Percentage?


How to Check Plagiarism Percentage?

One of the most common writing questions is how to check plagiarism. In my coaching career, I have met hundreds of students who are worried about plagiarism.

I like it!

When you are worried about plagiarism, you are on the right track.

It helps you take all the possible measures to avoid embarrassment after submitting the thesis or assignments. Not only embarrassment, but it can also have serious consequences.  

One of my students recently asked,

“Are there any sites where we check our plagiarism percentage?”

Being a common concern of many students, I decided to make a YouTube video and answer in detail.

How it Works?

Before we talk about plagiarism, you need to understand how it works. More importantly, why you should avoid plagiarism?

When you copy someone else’s work, it is considered as plagiarism.

Plagiarism can get you struck from academic register. You may not be able to study or publish any work.

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Keep in mind that words in the quotation marks (“content”) isn’t considered as plagiarism. It means that you recognize that it is someone else’s work. However, you need to provide the source.

Apart from quotation marks, rest of the work should be original. The sequence of words, research and idea should be original.

Doesn’t matter how much you try, there will always be some unintended plagiarism. Universities allow a certain percentage of plagiarism, which is usually 5 percent. However, you must check with your university.

Best Websites to Check Plagiarism

During my studies, I have used to check plagiarism. It was provided by the university. There is a subscription fee to check your content.

In your case, I would suggest to talk to your university officials. They will be able to guide you what plagiarism checker you should use.


While submitting your thesis, you must check your content through a plagiarism checker. It will go through the entire internet and show you the copied content.

If the copied content percentage is higher than allowed, you need to revisit your thesis. It is in excellent tool to avoid any complications.

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