How to Write Thesis in Six Months


How to Write Thesis in Six Months

Most of the students find it difficult to complete their thesis within time. Many students fail to do so because they don’t have a plan. They might have a time frame to complete the entire thesis. However, they haven’t divided their thesis work into weeks.

During my Ph.D., I came up with a six months plan to complete my thesis. I am glad that it worked perfectly. Considering how many students are suffering due to their thesis, I have decided to come up with the course.

Write Your Thesis in 6 months

Transform Your Academic Performance” is my course that describes the exact steps I used to plan the last 6 months of writing up my thesis.

I divided my time perfectly to ensure that I submit my thesis within the given time.

First month was dedicated to “Introduction, Literature review and Research methods.”

Second month, I dig deep into Research methods and Results.

Third month, I continued writing the Results and gave a couple of weeks of Discussion and Conclusion.

In the course, I have talked about how you need to ensure weekly status report. It helps in checking your progress and keeps you on the right track.

Fourth and Fifth month, I gave around 6 months to my supervisor to review and give me suggestions.

Sixth month, I dedicated about two weeks to “Student corrections.”

Most importantly, I left some time for routine issues when you can’t work on your thesis.

Summary of My Course

Here is a video explaining my course and how I write my PhD thesis in 6 months.

Things You Can Learn in the Course

  • How to plan your degree and successfully manage important deadlines
  • Regular status updates that improve your relationship with your supervisor
  • An ownership mindset that will get you through tough times without shifting blame
  • Discussion papers that capture academic progress and useful content for your final report
  • The importance of writing early so you think with the end in mind
  • Introduction to writing practices like complexity last and old before new
  • A finishing mindset that avoids over-analysis and prevents unnecessary delays
  • Long-term thinking when doing the proposal that sets you up for success
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