How To Set Up & Manage A Kanban Board?


How To Set Up & Manage A Kanban Board?

Kanban boards are widely used to automate work, making it easy for everyone to understand their tasks. It helps you get organized and make healthy progress.

In my course “Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks,” I have explained in detail how to set up and manage a kanban board. Most importantly, you can learn how to get the most out of it.

Setting Up Your Kanban Board

If you have just started using Kanban boards, you only need three sections. Keep it as simple as possible to avoid any possible confusion. You need only three sections for now.

  • To-Do
  • Progress
  • Done (My favorite)

Once it is done, you should move to the next step and start working on these tasks.

How to Finish Your Kanban Board Tasks Quickly?

I understand that you have a huge BACKLOG and probably this is the reason why you decided to organize things.

Remember NOT TO ADD all the tasks in the TO-DO section. Add a few tasks and work with full attention on these. Once you move these tasks to the DONE section, it is time to add more from the BACKLOG.

Kanban Board is All About Getting Things Done

Whether you are managing your tasks or managing your entire team, your goal is to get things done. Focus on the tasks in the “Progress” section and do the needful to move them to “Done

During the meetings, you need to make sure that you limit the tasks in Progress.

Break the tasks if they are too big. It helps you see some progress keeping you motivated all the time.

If a task is stuck in the “Progress” section, you may have assigned it to the wrong person.

How to Stay Organized with Kanban for students?

Peter Alkema, the creator of The Student Success Coach has explained it perfectly in the following video:

Things You Can Learn in the Course – Get Kanban Organised & Master Your Tasks

  • The principle of Limit Work In progress and how this helps manage workflow
  • How to use a digital or physical Kanban board for a team project or personal tasks
  • How to set up and manage tasks on a project in JIRA using a Kanban board
  • What are some of the tools that you can use for digital Kanban boards
  • How the digital Kanban boards work and how you use them in an online team meeting
  • What is “cadence” in a project and how that creates momentum for future progress
  • Demo of how to manage team updates with a Kanban board in an online Microsoft Teams meeting
  • What are swimlanes on a Kanban board and how you can use them to be more effective in your projects
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