How to Study with A Job and Children?


How to Study with A Job and Children?

Here is another inspiring story! A mother of twins decided to go back to books while doing a job as well. Claire Kelty’s twins were just two years old when decided to resume study. Intriguing, right?

Why did she decide to resume her studies? How did she manage her job with the study? How to manage infants while studying?

In this podcast, Peter Alkema has interviewed Claire Kelty and asked these questions.

Without any delay, let’s hear how she did that:

She talked candidly about how she was clear on what she wanted to achieve and the boundaries she put in place to achieve that. She’s a firm believer that you must “be kind to yourself” and always remind yourself why you are putting in all the extra hours.

For her it was all worth it when she achieved her Masters with a distinction. She developed some ground breaking research about the wellbeing of call centre agents.

Claire Kelty‘s Advice

Even though her studies were impacted by the COVID19 lockdowns of 2020, she managed to adapt and get everything done with the support of her family and friends. She couldn’t see them as often as before, especially with studying in the evening and weekly webinars on Tuesdays.

Her advice is that you must be clear on 3 things if you are considering studying part-time.

How you are going to take action?

What you will give up to get there?

What are non-negotiable boundaries?

What Claire Kelty Think About Writing?

She wished she had started writing up her final report earlier than she did but she dedicated sufficient time to get it done. Claire valued all the reading she did upfront to get a good sense of the literature and identify the problem she wanted to investigate.

Its important to test your surveys if you are doing online quantitative research. She was grateful for supportive work colleagues who assisted and encouraged her in many aspects of her studies.

Just the night before we recorded the interview she found out she had achieved a distinction so she was looking forward to celebrating and this episode is a perfect story of hard work and principles to achieve student success.

If you are having any trouble completing your degree or want to pace up, here is the course for you.

What you’ll learn

  • How to plan your degree and successfully manage important deadlines
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  • The importance of writing early so you think with the end in mind
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