Contribution vs. Significance of Your Study


Contribution vs. Significance of Your Study

What is the Contribution of Research or Study?

The contribution of the research is making the world a better place by solving a problem. Research is usually conducted on a problem with an aim to solve it. By solving the problem, you allow people to live a better life.

While selecting a four-year program, it is important to consider whether you will be able to offer some contribution. Does the world need any contributions in your field after four years? 

What is the Significance of the Study of Research?

The significance of a study reflects why the research is needed. It highlights the importance of your research and how it will impact the world.

Depending on the subject, its significance may increase or decrease with time. For instance, the research on artificial intelligence is significant today and will be more important in the coming years.

Why You Should Focus on Significance of the Study?

The significance of a study changes over time. A Research might be significant today but lose its importance after a year or two. Before you decide to invest your time in an advanced research degree, it is essential to consider its significance at the end of it.

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Here is a video that will explain to you the difference between the contribution and significance of your study.

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